Chapter 3 dawns cold and gloomy. The kids are packing up camp, and Westley's temper is short with thoughts of the previous evening's nightmares fresh in his mind. We see via flashback how they first got separated from Dan and Jess, and Lola's health deteriorates as they continue the desperate quest to find their parents.

The Moose Riders, Page 73

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Adding this blog post hours after the page went up. Working two weeks ahead right now–I usually upload the page to the blog as soon as it’s finished but don’t always write a post to accompany it until later, so sometimes I forget about the accompanying jibber-jabber completely. Not sure about the overlapping shouts of […]

The Moose Riders, Page 75

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So, here’s a little flashback-within-a-flashback action. If you need a reminder, go check out page 48 from the previous chapter. I’m really falling behind. I like the twice-a-week thing, but it’s tough to keep up, especially this time of year. Again, I’ll try my best to stick with the 2x schedule, but as we get closer to […]

The Moose Riders, Pages 78-79

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Big fat two-page-spread here–click thumbnail to enlarge: Sorry, but because we’ve got 2 pages today, that means no regular Moose Riders update on Friday. I’ll have a sketchbook page or something like that for you Friday. Don’t forget, digital downloads of the first two chapters of the Moose Riders are on sale for the rest […]

The Moose Riders, Page 81

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So the last couple of days I’ve been posting in-progress shots of this page, and here is the end result. Probably not very helpful or enlightening, but I wanted to have some sort of content on Wednesday and today and thought I’d try the whole pulling-back-the-curtain thing for a change. Hoping to have two new pages next week, but […]