Westley is the big brother–lost and frightened and trying to keep his little sister safe from the zombie horde. He has no idea why the moose is protecting them, but he’s grateful just the same.

The Moose Riders, Page 16

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Sorry again for the wait. Still haven’t been able to re-establish a regular routine, but I’m making efforts in that direction. Thanks for sticking with me. I dig Scott Pilgrim. Loved the books, was super excited about the movie, saw it at midnight opening night, and couldn’t stop grinning like an idiot through much of […]

The Moose Riders, Page 17

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Decisions. Jason Brubaker, the man behind reMIND (an awesome graphic novel that he’s been posting online, along with some insights into his process), has now provided a forum for other like-minded creators to discuss the making of graphic novels, appropriately titledMakingGraphicNovels.com. Very cool stuff going on there.